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Suicide Pool Rules

1. There is no limit to the amount of entries for a single player.


2. If the donation is not received before Week 1, your entry will be permanently deleted. Sorry.


3. Your weekly pick is due prior to game time. E-Mails are time stamped. Don't send a pick at 1:02 for a 1pm game. That will be considered late. 


* * *

4. If you forget to send me your picks, you are out. Unfortunately, I cannot call people to remind them and I will certainly not select a pick for them. If it was your first time, at least you'll go to the Loser's Bracket.


5. This is a suicide pool and the last man/woman standing wins. However, in the case of a tie, the pot shall be split evenly.


6. If this pool ends prior to Week 10, we will start up another pool with the same donation and same rules. Speedy delivery of funds will be appreciated in this scenario. Additionally, if we do in fact begin another pool midway through the season, ALL NFL teams will be available again and we will start from scratch. This has never happened, I'm just throwing it out there.


7. Starting in Week 1, you will send me one (1) team to WIN. When you lose, you go to the losers bracket and you need to pick one (1) team to LOSE. At this point, if you get to the LOSER'S bracket, every team is available again. When you get knocked out of the LOSER'S bracket, you are out of the pool. As stated, if you are in the Winner's bracket, you must pick the winner. If you are in the Loser's bracket, you must pick the loser. Anything else will be considered a loss such as a tie.


8. Should there be a week when we are down to only two (2) people, for example in the Winner's bracket and they both get knocked into the Loser's bracket during that particular week, than all of the funds shall go to the winner of the Loser's bracket.


9. The time or date of a game does not matter when determining an outcome for a particular week. For example, should the entries include a 1:00 game, a 4:00 game or even a Monday night game.... they are all counted for that particular week. (RULE 2015) This happened in 2015 and I am hereby determining a ruling should it happen going forward. EXAMPLE: If there are 3 teams left in the loser's bracket and the 1st two entries LOST their game, the 3rd team DOES NOT automatically win the LOSER's BRACKET. The final outcome of that 3rd game SHALL be determined. Should ALL of the teams left in the LOSER's bracket lose in any given week, this is NOT a 3 way tie. By ruling, since all of the remaining teams lost twice just like everyone else, all of the donations allocated for the LOSER's BRACKET SHALL BE ROLLED OVER INTO THE FOLLOWING YEAR'S POT.


10. Should the WINNER's Bracket come down to two (2) people, I will not get involved, they can split the pot.


11. And of course.......You CAN NOT use the same team twice, in the Winner's Bracket or the Loser's Bracket.


12. Just a little something to help me out and hopefully you are still reading this. If you have multiple entries in this pool, please E-mail them to me as follows


Joe Shmo1 - Tampa Bay


Joe Shmo2 - Giants


Joe Shmo3 - Ravens


This will be important after week 1 as you are not allowed to use the same team twice. If you simply list them, it is not my responsibility to determine which entry it is for as to not duplicate a team ! Thanks !



Super Bowl Pool Rules


1. You can have as many boxes as you choose.


2. The numbers will be selected when all of the boxes are filled.


      a.  I will have a non-participating individual pick the numbers out of a hat in front of witnesses consisting of people in the pool.


3. Donations must be made prior to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. However, promptness is always appreciated.


4. This pool has a reversal.


      ie: After the 1st quarter, should the score be NFC 10 - AFC 3, than the following occurs:


      Whoever had the box with NFC 0 and AFC 3 WINS that quarter.


      Whoever had the box with NFC 3 and AFC 0 WINS the REVERSAL for that quarter. 

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